20 years defending the interests of our clients
Skills and experience: the keys to success
Our objective, a solvent defense of our clients

Meet GSG Legal Counsel

20 Years of legal and business experience to Our Customers

Professional Ethics

Our work is guided by strict ethical principles and their own code of professional performance to ensure transparency and independence of our actions. GSG Legal Counsel is able to develop an activity in accordance with the highest standards of quality.

Professional Experience

Team of professionals with over 20 years of experience in defending the rights and interests of our customers. Our lawyers have developed their careers in prestigious international law firms, transnational corporations and Public Administration


Relationships with all our customers are based on trust, empathy and agility. Our goal is to provide ongoing support and personalized follow up on every issue that we are entrusted. We are aware that agility is a fundamental value for success


Our lawyers have experience in more than 30 sectors of industry and trade. This, together with the compact computer that is based GSG Legal Counsel, enables us to advise and guide our clients on the basis of a solid working knowledge of your business and / or company

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